Project Management Essay

Let’s consider finding a new home as each of our personal job since we all can’t support to live in our current house. We will need the traditional approach of project management with this personal task. A traditional strategy involves a series of steps or perhaps stages that has to be accomplished. For this approach, there are five different levels during the creation or before the project is completed. The first phase of the traditional strategy is the project initiation level. During this stage, we have to map all our current scenarios or perhaps our current situation to the future circumstance. In this period, we have to collect all the information regarding our current situation (i. e. rent, size of place, location, etc). We should also be able to assess the scope of our job. We must really know what our constraints are (i. e. budget, location, etc) and other relevant information. Then we have to gather information for our upcoming home. We need to use the same set of questions (present and future situation) to set similar point of comparison once we compare, or perhaps in job methodology terms, when we match and map our current scenario to the future circumstance. After corresponding and mapping, it is now coming back us to plan for our future home.        � Subsequently of the traditional technique is the project organizing or the design stage. Right now, in case the near future residence requires a few maintenance (i. elizabeth. adding another bedroom, setting up a new line, painting the fence light, buying even more curtains pertaining to the several glass windows, etc) as it was selected because it provides the most quantity of pros than the rest and is marginally greater than the current, after that this phase will make the future residence better suit our needs. After repairing, the future residence can be tested if it is already safe to live by. It is now coming back our subsequent stage.        � The project execution or production stage is exactly where we primarily move in to the place to test out how we feel about our fresh house. We should be able to deliver everything that was set since our range or the task-to-accomplish could the avertissement stage. Today, to make this kind of efficient and measurable or quantifiable, we must list down a couple of questionnaire or maybe a set of procedure for do and test the new residence against that. This period is called the project monitoring. In this stage, processes happen to be performed to anticipate and correct the potential issues that may happen upon project completion before it happens. For making our personal project quantifiable, we must subject it to a series of queries where it may pass or fail. Concerns should be targeted about the alterations that we produced during the design stage (i. e. in the event the future circumstance served its purpose, etc). For this level, if there are a few questions our future house was not able to resolve, these types of will be cared for as problems which should be fixed before we will be able to begin our achievement stage. Intended for our job to be quantifiable, profitable, or justifiable, the future scenarios must be subjected to concerns that are centered, but not limited, to the adjustments that the current scenarios were subjected to. As well as the future situations should be able to remedy most, if not all, from the remiss from the current circumstance. In short, each of our future circumstance should be able to go all monitoring stage queries in order for our project to be a success. After all problems are shut down, or every problems are resolved, we can now move on to our project finalization stage. Intended for the job completion level, our project passed the monitoring level and all issues are already fixed. Our upcoming residence is finally willing to be transferred in and called a home. Reference: LEWIS, James. 2002. Fundamentals of Project Managing. New York: AMACOM

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